All of my musings of the blog were born from what I learned along a crazy ride I have been on with my husband of more than a couple of decades now.

At or around his fourth brain surgery I started feeling particularly frustrated at the craziness of our ride and wanted to straighten things out in my mind. To do so, I did what I so often do: think out loud in a diary.

Something unexpected happened as I wrote in my diary. I reread it and sensed It was no longer only for myself. I had my husband read the few pages  I had written. He agreed with me: this was no longer a diary.

It seems I accidentally began my journey into writing and My Family’s Crazy Ride: Living Despite Illness was born. In it I share our story and what I learned along the way.

Keep an eye out for My Family’s Crazy Ride: Living Despite Illness coming out soon. 

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