Welcome to my blog about life and living even when someone has a medical condition.  Though I am new to blogging, I am not new to the subject I will be writing about, living. I have been doing the living part since I was born but I have learned about living with someone who is ill since I was 14, which means a lot of years now. I started really getting practice in the last 30 years of so when I met a cute guy. He is the same cute guy who was in the Doctor*Ology Neurology episode with Leslie Nielsen on  Discovery Channel.

Through our life together raising our kids, I needed and wanted our life to be about life first. Dealing with illness would have important moments, really important moments, but we tried to learn to deal with the cards that life had dealt us since we were hoping to support the children in learning to deal with the cards in their hand. This was our life, like it or not, and the children deserved to know we would be there to the best of our ability.

Now that the children are basically grown, it seems that we have all survived as a family. We have done our best to support them in their growing up years despite chasing ambulances that their dad was in, or waiting outside emergency rooms or ICUs. or their dad’s 6 brain surgeries.

If the kids are grown, I guess I must be a little older. Being a wise old girl now, (at least I hope I am wise) I will be sharing what I have learned along the way.

Since I have watched my children grow with a medical situation throughout all of their childhood, my entries sometimes have a mom feel to them. Hopefully it will support parents out there.

I will take a moment here to offer you information about how the site is set up. I started it in English since I accidentily wrote what seems to be a book called My Family’s Crazy Ride: Living Despite Illness in English. Since I live in both English and French, I am translating the blog entries into French in hopes of joining all my loved ones.

I will be breaking the blog down into the following topics :

  • Sharing and how it is supportive to do so
  • Celebrate where and when you can
  • Communication amongst all the parties
  • Preparing for what is coming
  • Angels and demons we met along the way
  • Thoughts and concerns
  • and Odds and end.

Having been in the midst of the craziness illness brings to a family, I know how scary and alone you could feel. I would appreciate that you share the blog freely in hopes that it land on the computer of someone who needs it.

I would love to hear from you if you have a question or comment so don’t be shy.

Welcome to my world.

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