New this year


My cards/ Mes cartes
My cards/ Mes cartes

The new year is often a time to make resolutions… and then break them. I have found a sure fire way not to break mine. I am not going to make any. I never really have actually.

Instead of making resolutions I have a bucket list. For those who do not know, a bucket list is a list of what you wish to do or accomplish before kicking the bucket or dying.

This is not macabre; it is realistic. I am sure I will pass away one day and I do not know when that day would come, so I want to feel proud of the life I live.

My bucket list started many years ago without even realising it. You see, I had made a joke about going back to school when the kids would be bigger to get a diploma from Université de Montréal since I already had some form of diploma from the other three Montreal Universities. I turned around one day and realised that somehow the kids had become bigger, so off I went to become a student once again.

I loved the feeling of accomplishment. It got me to thinking of what else I wanted to accomplish, and lo and behold my bucket list was born.

The unexpected perk was to have a sense of building and accomplishment in the midst of fear and despair we had with my husband’s crazy medical ride.

The funny thing is the first thing off my bucket list was accomplished despite the ride we were on. As I was doing the classes for the Master’s level diploma (in French no less!) my hubby had a few statuses and two brain surgeries. I also got hurt. I dislocated and broke my elbow, which gave me a short break from work as I went through my therapies to regain movement of my arm.

A lot of people would probably say to wait before building (subject to be touched upon in January 19th entry).


Why wait?

I don’t recommend what I did. Not by a long shot. Working full-time and going to school part-time is enough without adding rushes to the hospital and fitting in doctor’s appointments.

I do recommend thinking of living though. Live no matter what the cards are because we don’t know how long we have.

In reality, I am not made of the best stock. My father had had his first stroke younger than I am now. There are also heredity factors involving cancer, heart condition and mental illness in my family. Add to that, my life involved regular ambulance chases and standing outside the ICU. I guess my chances of a long easy-going life is not very likely. I figured this is the hand dealt me and I must choose how to play it. I have been lucky so far and I don’t want to waste what time I may have left. I have decided to not or put off things I hope to do one day when I grow up. Now is that time.

I decided to try to identify what I wanted to get done. My first bucket list was silly and took me no time to write. I have since had a chance to check items off 18 months ago or so. The cool thing is to add new things to the list, like sharing our story through this blog.

In viewing life like this, it made procrastinating, ( of which I am queen) less appealing. In knocking off the first thing off the list made me feel proud. It made the other things on the list feel possible. All in all, it made what my life might be richer for dreaming.

I wish for you the chance to find something that you can start dreaming of. May the New Year give you an opportunity to start making dreams come true; even the smallest dream can give you wings.

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