It is now spring here in Montreal which means that we have both snow and flowers in the yard in the same week. Fairly typical for the season. When looking at a weather app. on my phone, it seems they are announcing rain pretty much all week. I guess with spring comes rain. If you are lucky,with rain comes rainbows as it happened for my son and me today.

You see nearing the end of a particularly  busy day, a few  people needed the family car. As we were running errands, I got a phone call from our son who was hoping to get a lift to an evening he was invited to. He was hoping for us to get home quickly enough for him to drive himself to the celebration on time. Since it was a party and he might have a drink, I brought the car back. To be honest, I had been hoping to get home and put my feet up or get into my pyjamas having had a really long week.

He asked me to wait for him in the parking lot since he was concerned that he was over dressed for the party in question.

As this old girl waited, I spotted this



which left a huge smile on my face.

I must be honest that I do not mind a little rain to fall. There are moments that I find it quite lovely. It is not only refreshing but also cleansing.

As it is today, there can also be surprising, unexpected beauty in the rain.

It is a lot like life.

Some would never go out in the rain because they are afraid of getting wet or have to adjust to a little difficulty. Their comfort is much too important as are their clear expectations of how their life should be.

For others, me included, I do not really have expectations and there have been lovely surprises like today’s rainbow or quiet time with my boy, the man.

It is easy to talk about a little rain and I bet you wonder if my money is where my mouth is. It seems it may just be. You see, my husband lost his ability to discuss like we had been doing for about a quarter of century. The day he lost his language was the day we learned the beauty of just being together even in silence.

We found strength in our partnership and joy in working together for a common goal. When I saw this saying a few weeks ago, it spoke to me:

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share an 
umbrella and survive the storm together.

In facing our storms together we somehow found strength in each other. Sometimes we even found unexpected laughter and joy.

I wish the same for you.

May your storms be full of unexpected rainbows.



4 commentaires à propos de “storms”

  1. I love this entry and admire your talent for writing.
    Bravo Nicole! I’m always looking forward to what you’ll be writing next.
    Keep on the good work and God bless. xoxo

    • Thanks so much Magda for your words of encouragement and for sharing information you find. You make me think!

  2. I cried a little because every word you wrote it’soooo well put and so true
    My self I love rain and I am never afraid of getting wet.
    I wish you well and only happiness from now on.
    You have had your share in life and you deserve only good things from now on.
    Good luck to you and yor family.

    • Thank you Nicky. We have so much good in life and are savouring the lovely moments. The storms we face have been more gentle for the last little while for which we are grateful. Hope you are doing well